The Losing 20 Project

Losing 20 is a market research project by us, Practical Insights!

We invested in this for both personal and professional reasons. I think we all have had a point in our life where we, or someone close to us, was on a diet. I saw a video put together by Yahoo and ABC News describing the impact of losing 20 pounds for the average American. This got me and my team thinking about how often we discuss trying to lose weight or trying programs that “guarantee” results…but what about those people who lost around 20 pounds and kept it off? How did they do it? What could we learn from them? What was their story?

At the same time our company’s investment into focusing on better deliverables was making strides. Since all the work we do for clients is confidential, we wanted to create something we could share broadly. Typically this is done by watering down existing work such that it doesn’t reveal anything about our clients, but still provides a tangible example. We felt like that approach would not reflect the true impact our work can have. Instead we decided to “put our money where our brand is” and complete a real market research project that is relatable to everyone.

The Losing 20 project applied a qualitative research approach to gathering the stories of 10 women who had lost between 15-30 pounds and kept it off for more than a year. From their stories we created four examples of a deliverable: 

Traditional PowerPoint Presentation
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Magazine-Style Article
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Patient Narrative Video
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Patient Narrative Video

Thank you to our partners for Losing 20:

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