Privacy Policy

Practical Insights is a market research consulting firm. We help companies realize the full value of their data through consulting, primary market research projects and learning programs.

As a company we do not own data collection panels or approaches. Our business model is to partner with others in the industry who are experts in data collection practices for both qualitative and quantitative research. As a result, it is rare that Practical Insights will collect or hold any personal information from those that participate in our market research studies on our company servers. We consider personal information to be any piece of data that would identify a specific individual alone or in combination with other data. This includes: full name, full date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, location information smaller than zip code, URLs and IPs, vehicle identifiers including VIN and license plate, phone numbers, images or videos collected from qualitative research.

Our data collection partners may collect and hold the above information which is covered by their Standard Operating Procedures. That information is not typically given to Practical Insights. If such information is provided to Practical Insights, all electronic files containing that information will be destroyed, including all back-up systems, upon completion of a project. Any personal information provided in hard copy will be shredded immediately via Locked Box Shred. Any images or video received from Focus Vision, or similar service, will be permanently deleted from all Practical Insights’ data storage devices and servers. Our data collection suppliers must have a process in place that will allow them to handle an opt-out request from an individual, whose data is maintained or processed, within 10 business days.

In the rare event that Personal Information is transferred, we require it to only be transferred in one or more of the following methods: Virtual Private Network (VPN); SSL with encrypted website with password-controlled access; Encrypted Personal Information sent FTP; Encrypted Personal Information sent via e-mail; or physical point-to-point connection.

We do not use cookies for our company website (, but our survey platform providers may use cookies for our online surveys to ensure proper site functionality, track survey completion status, and assist in proper authentication. Some cookies are necessary in order for a survey to operate correctly and securely, and to prevent a research respondent from taking the same survey multiple times. We may use cookies to collect information about how survey respondents interact with surveys. This information may be analyzed by how users use surveys, to detect problems with our surveys, and help us improve our surveys. Cookies also help our survey hosting servers manage the traffic through load balancing / distributing the traffic across our different servers. We do not use targeting or advertising cookies.

Practical Insights is located in the United States and we collect, store, and process your Personal Information in the United States. These activities are governed by applicable United States laws and regulations in this Privacy Policy. Practical Insights is subject to the investigatory and enforcement powers of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Practical Insights may update this policy. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by placing a prominent notice on our website.

If you have an information privacy inquiry, please contact us directly at [email protected]. We will make every effort to address your concerns.